When Do You Need a Lawyer?

do you need a lawyer?

If someone has been either injured or killed in the car accident, you should definitely contact an attorney as quickly as possible, as during these types of cases, criminal charges can be filed. Usually, a good rule of thumb is to contact a lawyer as soon as humanly possible, as if there is any inkling in your mind of possibly needing a personal injury lawyer, you should seek one out.

Is the Situation Confusing?

The more complex a car accident is, the more confusing it can be for those involved. One of the most confusing aspects of these types of situations is the idea of fault. If there is any question regarding who is at fault in the accident, you should contact an attorney. Additionally, if your insurer begins to act suspiciously regarding your coverage for the accident, you may want to contact a lawyer to ensure that your insurer is acting in the proper fashion. This question of fault may also be hurt or helped by the police officer who fills out the accident report for the incident. If the police officer puts your party at fault, but you believe that the other party is at fault, you should contact your attorney to challenge the officer’s report. Lastly, if the situation involves confusing medical or technical aspects that you do not understand, you should contact a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers tend to have resources that can sort out this type of information, so you should not let the complexity of these aspects affect the overall outcome of the car accident.

Do You Know Your Rights? Do You Know the Details of Your Insurance Policy?

Not everyone knows their legal rights in these types of situations or even the specific details of their car insurance policy, and this is okay. This is particularly important in car accidents that result in criminal charges being filed against you. If this takes place and you are unsure of your legal rights, you should contact a lawyer immediately. The same goes for your insurance policy. If you feel that your insurance provider is acting in bad faith or is not being fair about your purchased coverage, you should contact a lawyer. You should never let anyone, including your insurance provider, intentionally or unintentionally take advantage of you. Personal injury lawyers are trained to identify if any of this behavior is taking place and will be more than happy to analyze your situation.

While these are just a few things to consider when determining whether you should contact a lawyer after a car accident, there is one more thing that you should keep in mind. If, after your car accident, you have any legal questions, you should quickly contact a personal injury lawyer. Fully understanding your situation is in your best interest, and a lawyer can help.

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