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If your child has been a victim of abuse or has sustain an injury at a daycare, you'll tough, smart lawyers.

Daycare is usually a place of pure joy and learning. The days are filled with fun and games, laughs and good times. However, the horror of day care abuse/injury occurs far too frequently. It can be debilitating and may have a lasting effect on children. If your child is the victim of this horrible mistreatment, you should contact a reputable Dallas day care abuse/injury law firm.

As one of the area’s most successful day care abuse/injury lawyers, Chavez & Nguyen Law will immediately begin taking the necessary steps to guide you to a satisfactory outcome of your case.

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What qualifies as Day Care Abuse or Injury?

It is sad to realize, but children are often the victims of neglect and abuse at day care facilities. Day care abuse/injury may not be detectable, at least initially, because the child may be too scared to discuss the matter or too young to communicate clearly. This unspeakable action occurs in the form of:

  • Depriving a child of meals
  • Verbal abuse of a child
  • Neglecting a child
  • Physical punishment of a child
  • Humiliating, frightening or shaming a child
  • Depriving a child of medical treatment
  • Directing profane or abusive language toward a child
  • Depriving a child of bathroom facilities or a rest
  • Isolating or terrorizing a child
  • Rejecting or emotionally abusing a child

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How to hire a lawyer for day care abuse or injury in Dallas

This type of illegal activity usually requires a competent day care abuse/injury lawyer because they frequently result in various physical and emotional injuries to a child. Warnings signs include your child’s change in behavior, extreme mood swings, regressive behavior (refusing to talk, reverting to baby talk, thumb sucking, etc.), bed-wetting, nightmares, an unusual interest in sexual matters, sudden aggressive or rebellious behavior, fear or anxiety about the day care provider, and fear of specific activities, people or places.

Fortunately, Chavez & Nguyen Law will represent you in a claim against the party who may be responsible for your child’s emotional and physical injuries resulting from day care abuse/injury. Your Dallas day care abuse/injury attorney will consider the degree of the incident and use their best judgment regarding your case.

Chavez & Nguyen Law has a strong track record of working with clients to achieve their legal objectives, and will enable you to feel comfortable and satisfied with the outcome of your case. In fact, many clients emerge with great respect for the professionals at Chavez & Nguyen Law because they have been represented in a manner that exceeds their expectations and demands.

The attorneys at Chavez & Nguyen Law strategically analyze the facts and circumstances of your case in order to conceive the best possible strategy on your behalf. Their Board Certified lawyers will aggressively litigate a case or mediate with an opposing party depending on the facts of the case and your goals.  Each attorney has the proven ability to solve every case efficiently and effectively on your behalf via a negotiated settlement or a trial (as appropriate and necessary).

Chavez & Nguyen Law will help you to make a claim to recover compensation for medical expenses, time away from your job, therapy, alternative childcare expenses, and much more.

Chavez & Nguyen Law was founded to provide clients with what they deserve -- custom-tailored legal representation and better, more reliable communication with their attorney. Fully prepared and knowledgeable, the attorneys at Chavez & Nguyen Law hold true to these values as they personally handles each aspect of every case and proudly apply their knowledge, experience and professionalism in an effort to attain satisfaction for their clients.

Your highly acclaimed Dallas day care abuse/injury law firm provides you with recourse against the party who caused a child’s quality-of-life setbacks. Chavez & Nguyen will file a legal claim in order to recover money for you.

If your child is a victim of day care abuse/injury and need a lawyer, do not hesitate to contact Chavez & Nguyen Law, which will handle your case on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay us nothing unless we recover money for you.


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