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18 Wheeler Truck Accident Injuries

If you've been involved in a truck accident, you need tough, smart lawyers.

Our highways are jam-packed with trucks of all shapes and sizes that fulfill our quality of life by transporting merchandise across the state and throughout the nation. Because schedules are tight and some drivers aren’t as careful as their training and experience have prepared them for, truck accidents occur.

Truck driving fast on highwayIt doesn’t matter whether you are driving a sedan, an SUV or an 18-wheel semi – a truck accident is a horrible event to endure. The pain, anguish and emotional and financial setbacks caused by a truck accident can be debilitating and may have a lasting effect on your finances. If you are a victim of this type of mishap, you should contact a competent Dallas truck accident law firm.

As one of the area’s most successful truck accident lawyers, Chavez & Nguyen Law will immediately begin taking the necessary steps to guide you to a satisfactory outcome of your case.

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If you are involved in a truck accident and need a lawyer, do not hesitate to contact Chavez & Nguyen Law, which will handle your case on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay us nothing unless we recover money for you.

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Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Because Interstate highways wind their way through the Dallas area as they carry the products we consume each day, truck accidents in north Texas occur far more frequently than you might think. These sometimes deadly mishaps are frequently the result of:

  • crashes with motorcycles, cars, or other trucks, usually while turning or changing lanes, or
  • jackknife accidents that are usually caused by the driver of a semi truck driver who suddenly applies the axel brake. This causes the trailer to continue moving forward as the rig buckle sat a sharp angle with the cab. A jackknifed truck also may roll over, or
  • rollovers after the driver runs the wheels off the pavement or up against a curb, causing the truck to roll onto its side, or
  • tires blowouts or de-treading that could lead the driver to lose control of the truck and leave debris on the pavement, which may result in additional accidents, or
  • oil spills resulting in a slippery, dangerous road surface, or
  • hazmat releases, or toxic gas or chemical spills leading to a fire, or
  • under ride accidents resulting from a sudden braking of the truck with a passenger car skidding beneath the truck.


This type of mishap usually requires a competent truck accident lawyer  because they frequently result in debilitating injuries such as paraplegia and quadriplegia, internal bleeding, organ damage, serious fractures, burns, amputation of one or more limbs, traumatic brain damage, spinal cord damage, neck and back pain and damage, scarring and disfiguration, chronic pain and psychological trauma.

Fortunately, Chavez & Nguyen Law will represent you in a claim against the party who may be responsible for your injuries in a truck accident. Even if you or the victim has not been harmed, your Dallas truck accident attorney will consider the degree of the incident and use their best judgment regarding your case.

Chavez & Nguyen Law has a strong track record of working with clients to achieve their legal objectives, and will enable you to feel comfortable and satisfied with the outcome of your case. In fact, many clients emerge with great respect for the professionals at Chavez & Nguyen Law because they have been represented in a manner that exceeds their expectations and demands.

The attorneys at Chavez & Nguyen Law strategically analyze the facts and circumstances of your case in order to conceive the best possible strategy on your behalf. Their Board Certified lawyers will aggressively litigate a case or mediate with an opposing party depending on the facts of the case and your goals.  Each attorney has the proven ability to solve every case efficiently and effectively on your behalf via a negotiated settlement or a trial (as appropriate and necessary).
Chavez & Nguyen Law will help you to make a claim to recover compensation for your economic damages, including the cost of current and future medical expenses, rehabilitation, transportation to medical appointments, personal and household assistance with tasks that can’t be performed due to your injuries, lost earnings and future earning potential, psychological counseling, medical and assistive devices. They will also demand non-economic damages on your behalf, including your pain and suffering, emotional anguish, disfigurement, disability, and loss of quality of life.

Chavez & Nguyen Law was founded to provide clients with what they deserve -- custom-tailored legal representation and better, more reliable communication with their attorney. Fully prepared and knowledgeable, the attorneys at Chavez & Nguyen Law hold true to these values as they personally handles each aspect of every case and proudly apply their knowledge, experience and professionalism in an effort to attain satisfaction for their clients.

Your highly acclaimed Dallas truck accident law firm provides you with recourse against the party who caused your quality-of-life and financial setbacks. Chavez & Nguyen will file a legal claim in order to recover money for you, as well as enable you to obtain the healthcare you require.

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